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From laminate to ceramic and vinyl to hardwood, flooring is an integral part of any property in Hazleton. Pick Bonomo's Carpet & Floor Coverings for all your flooring needs and experience the unique blend of technical ability, customer service, and affordable prices that make us a winning choice.

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Family owned and operated since 1952

Bonomo’s Carpet and Floor Coverings: Serving the Hazleton area for over 65 years, Bonomo’s Floor Coverings offer quality merchandise and installation. Our shop at home service, free measurements and free estimates on installations is a convenience we are pleased to offer our customers. We guarantee personalized, quality services to all of our customers; if there is ever a problem, we will come back and fix it.

Bonomo’s is located at 76 N. Wyoming Street and is a retail outlet for floor coverings, including carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl and window blinds. Bonomo’s offers expert installation of all floor coverings and window blinds.

The firm was established in 1952 by Nicholas P. Bonomo Sr., who moved the shop downtown to 80-82 N. Wyoming Street in 1956 after an extensive remodeling project. In 1969 the firm purchased the building at 76-78 North Wyoming Street and opened a paint shop there. The paint store business was dissolved in 1988 to make room for the new floor coverings showroom that had been connected to the warehouse. Bonomo’s credits the business’s success to quality merchandise, good service, expert installation and affordable prices. Dedicated employees have also been a factor over the years and that has added to our success.

At Bonomo’s Carpet and Floor Coverings, our commitment is on quality and we’re happy to show off previously completed projects in Hazleton and in the surrounding areas, ranging from one-room residential hardwood installs to full design-build solutions for commercial flooring projects.

Big and small, we’ve got what it takes to turn your flooring into a success. We also offer cash and carry if that is what you prefer.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Range of Services

Floors come in all different types and needs. At Bonomo's Carpet & Floor Coverings, we can handle them all. Check out our flooring service areas by clicking below.

At the same time integral to making a room look good and seemingly impossible to clean, carpets in Hazleton run the gamut from shiny and beautiful to downright ugly. At Bonomo's Carpet & Floor Coverings, we love all types of carpets and enjoy working with our local customers to transform their interior spaces with new carpets or refreshing older ones.

While Bonomo's Carpet & Floor Coverings deals primarily with new carpet sales and installations, we're also happy to provide a wide range of supplementary services as well. In addition to standard repairs and stain guard application, we also perform deep cleans that help to eradicate tough-to-remove stains and odors from pets or other sources.

Because carpets and flooring are literally our business, we've made it a point to be THE carpet specialist in Hazleton. When you're looking to upgrade your flooring to a high quality carpet, a friendly Bonomo's Carpet & Floor Coverings representative will help you select the right materials, cuts, and patterns to perfectly fit your space.

Step up to the next level of carpet services in Hazleton by giving Bonomo's Carpet & Floor Coverings a call at 570-455-4401.

Always classic and always stylish, there's just something special about a Hazleton property with ceramic tile floors. Ceramic tile is a highly durable material and a striking choice for appearance.

We provide tiling for floors, showers, kitchen backsplashes, and walls. We carry a great selection of ceramic and porcelain tiles, and customization is no problem, as tiles, can be cut and shaped to fit your space. Our installers are fully equipped to handle any job. 

Call Bonomo's Carpet & Floor Coverings for your ceramic tile needs at 570-455-4401 and draw a crowd with your attractive floors.

If you've ever seen a hardwood floor installation in a Hazleton home, then you know the huge difference it can make in terms of appearance. At the same time, heat, humidity, and even the normal settling of a property can wreak havoc on hardwood floors, causing warps, unlevel surfaces, and even cracks and splits. For all these problems, Bonomo's Carpet & Floor Coverings is here.

Designed to be the absolute best hardwood specialists in Hazleton, Bonomo's Carpet & Floor Coverings hires only the most experienced and talented cleaners, polishers, and repairman. Whether it's a simple annoying squeak that needs to disappear or full sanding and polishing job, we're here to make it happen and bring your hardwood floors up to their true potential.

When taken care of, hardwood flooring in a Hazleton property can easily last for many decades. With our wide range of services, you have a close ally that's available for any type of hardwood work and our partnership will ensure that your hardwoods look great throughout the years.

Give your hardwood floors in Hazleton a new life. Call Bonomo's Carpet & Floor Coverings at 570-455-4401 for all your cleaning, polishing, and repairing needs.

To discuss the different types of luxury vinyl plank available in Hazleton, dial 570-455-4401 to speak to a Bonomo's Carpet & Floor Coverings expert.

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